Think of the smile on your face as you watch him eating your exhaust in the rear view mirror. That is the kind of “sleeper” you see here. This is what legends are made of. Streetside Classics just listed this incredible find for sale this week. They have it at their Charlotte, North Carolina store. Follow this link to read more history and see dozens of detailed photos. But to then discover it has a Holman-Moody plate in the engine compartment Streetside Classics tells us that the vinyl top is very rare and seems to be original. The aerodynamic shape of the roof was for racing, but it was only used in They obviously were purpose built for racing.

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How come i’ve got parts left over !! She’s not quite done, but she’s getting there. Used for plowing snow in the ‘north country’, always keep it the garage. I have horses and it makes horsekeeping as easy as it can get.

the tachometer. ALTERNATE WIRING FOR INCRESED FILTERING This filter is designed to increase filtering if required by reversing the input and output connections. Use the RED ans the output and YELLOW as the input. This will increase the filtering capabil-ity of the unit

Some have reported little or no change and some have reported it is now worse than before. For me, I’ve just been living with it. Absolutely no rhyme or reason. Could be bumpy roads, could be the smoothest, might be on the highway or cruising around town. I just look for level ground or preferably a downhill section of road, pull over, shut the car off, remove key, wait a minute or two with the flashers on, restart, get ready for the horrible ‘CLUNK” the tranny is going to make when I pull away and it finally ‘engages’, than drive away.

The biggest problem is if you need to stop going uphill, then you are screwed. Seems like in my car, you need to go about 10MPH or so until the transmission engages. It’s almost impossible to go uphill when the tranny is in Safe Mode or Limp Mode whatever they call it but on level ground or pointing downhill, it is easier to get the car up to speed to allow the tranny to reengage.

Factory Five Racing Type 65 Coupe Assembly Manual

The first question you should ask yourself is why. Why do you want to go from fuel injection to carb? If your car is a daily driver that is fairly stock then you are just wasting your time and money. Your gas mileage will decrease, you will lose some low end torque, you will lose some drivability, you will increase your exhaust emissions, and decrease the value of your car. If it is a race car and you don’t care about drivability then a carb is a smart choice.

Feb 12,  · Where does my tachometer hook up to, on a 95 ford mustang ? the stock one? Follow. 1 answer 1. Report Abuse. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Does anyone know what’s the difference between the 94 ford mustang and the 95 ford mustang? More questions. Would you trade a 95 Modified ford mustang for your Status: Resolved.

But the noises it makes are all wrong for the German sports car. Gone is the sonorous, high-pitch buzz from the 2. It had a cage and the required safety equipment and even a full interior. At one of the last events at Heartland Park that year, well, you can almost guess what happened next. I came around there, and it made some weird noise — and I blew the motor up, basically.

But after doing a bit of research, Wayman discovered people were transplanting GM V8s into s and there were even two companies that offered kits to facilitate the swap. Now he had a chance to do the same swap in his Turbo.

1965 Mustang Convertible

Donna Garcia My flashers are working but when I step on the brake they stop. I have a Chevrolet 20 series. Help tiffanie I have a Ford Ranger and my break lights and turn signals don’t work. We checked the fuses and changed the bad ones. I need the lighting electrical diagram for my truck pease. Thank you Tiffanie surefireinvest Our team has been watching this one for awhile and we are expecting some movement soon.

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And yes, in all those years, there were many occasions for impromptu street races, in which we wasted the likes of many Brand X domestics, and imports. Considering all the abuse, this car is a survivor in its own right, mostly due to its garage-kept life, and meticulous mechanical and cosmetic maintenance. The vinyl top is original and there was one repaint done 35 years ago in its original QQ1 dark red hue. I scored an NOS front bumper wrapped in its original Mopar packaging and a re-chromed rear bumper at the Mopars at Englishtown.

Personally, I think the old inch Road Wheels with Coker redline radials still look best and are used for the occasional car show. I spotted a classified ad in the Sunday newspaper in March of I called, then went to look at this local car from Clark, New Jersey. His dad finally said the car had to go to make room for a small fishing boat. The asking price was only a grand for a 51, mile, rust-free, nice condition car. Not having any money saved, I took a chance and made an offer of bucks.

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FAQ Why convert a perfectly good car? You like the sound of a “throaty” high performance V8. You like the idea of a small, lightweight convertible with all the modern convenience features — but ripping performance that is equal to or even better than most exotic cars. Why convert a perfectly good car? You need some excitement in your life.

Dakota Digital manufactures digital instrumentation and accessories for the automotive, motorcycle and car audio enthusiast.

Based on history, they were clearly happy with the results. After a test drive, he decided it was the car to have, placed an order, and waited for delivery. In September of , a larger 1, cc engine became available the 2-TC. This engine provided a big jump in power, giving the Corolla first rate performance. In early , without a lot of fanfare, Toyota started to offer a five speed transmission option behind the 2-TC. A Corolla S-5 Sport Coupe. For the model year, five speed coupes added the following features: Having driven one for a number of years, I can tell you it also came with a smooth shifting transmission with a gear set designed to maximize the power available from that little 2-TC four banger.

All SR-5 models included badging on the front fenders, and as the top Corolla trim level, received the most attention from the automotive press. What was I thinking? A few years later, I sold it for something bigger and louder, but far less interesting see picture above….

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Report John answered 5 years ago The test is: Once you start the truck the pressure should drop to about when you rev the engine it may increase slightly but may not and if you do a road test it should be If it pressurizes good but drops below 11 when you initially turn the key on then I would suspect there’s a good chance the diaphragm in the regulator has ruptured. If it doesn’t put out good results to begin with then we could suspect the pump.

Did you blow through the fuel filter after removing it?

Jul 27,  · After you hook it up to the proper wires from the distributor and ground it correctly, it should give you an accurate reading of your RPMs as you rev the engine. Ground the tachometer. Attach the tachometer ground wire to an engine ground of the car%().

Whenever you go from a shorty or a factory header setup to a long tube, you’re going to need to change your midpipe to a shorty midpipe. There are a few options out there, but the general rule of thumb tends to be that you should not mix brands. If you want Pypes long tubes, you should stick with a Pypes midpipe. So as far as who this is going to be for, this shorty X-pipe is going to be for the GT Mustang owners that plan on upgrading to long tubes but want to do so in a cost effective way so they’re looking at the Pypes long tube headers.

Long tubes and a shorty midpipe go hand in hand since you need one to install the other. Usually, those installing long tubes are looking for power gains and an improvement in sound as well. Long tubes and a shorty midpipe have a different iconic type of sound that’s hard to ignore. Along the lines of gains, long tubes and a shorty midpipe usually give midrange to top end gains, generally speaking.

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Dave King I was inspired to write this article because of the overwhelming help and support I got from fellow readers of Modularfords. Before I decided on doing this project I was a bit intimidated. I thought about doing this conversion last year but I decided against it because I thought it would be very involved and that a shop would have to do all the work. So I kept sticking clutches in it and wasting money.

– Firebird Tach/Clock Assembly Firebird models that were equipped with optional Rally Gauges also included this tachometer and clock combination. This reproduction unit includes an rpm tachometer with rpm redline and a quartz movement clock.

On my other cars I hook up to the coil I have had the same thoughts and same frustrations in finding a tach and locating where to hook it up. But since I have the auto-trans and the V has a rev limiter a tach was just a nicety, not a requirement for me. Let me know what you come up with. You use it for biz or pleasure? I have 5 kids still at home and a 24′ bunkhouse camping trailer that I tow, so I wanted the higher torque rating of the V even though the newer 5.

What other mods are you planning? I’m still looking for a good cold air intake system to pick up some of the 10 horsepower that the vans lose because of the restrictive system the pick-ups don’t have. A 70 Cougar eh?

1965 Mustang Convertible

Stalls While Driving How to Fix an Engine That Stalls While Driving Easy step by step guide on how to repair an automotive engine that has stalled or intermittently stalls while driving, this information is presented in order of popularity and pertains to most vehicles. Learn more Check Engine Light MIL Step 1 – When a crankshaft angle sensor shorts out it will cause the engine to stall, this sensor is used to give feedback information to the engine computer PCM , this sensor failure is not always picked up by the computer.

Monitoring the fuel injector pulse can help narrow the problem down, the following test will need to be modified using longer test wires while locating the light portion of the test inside the vehicle to be observed while driving.

Auto Meter Ultra-Lite In-Dash Electric Tachometer out of 5 stars 2 customer reviews. List Price: $ Price: $ & FREE Shipping. I also have it hooked to a MSD street fire ignition and no tach adapter is needed. I chose to cut it up because I wanted to adapt it to the stock z location. It responds really well and it Reviews: 2.

Introduction – FI Imperials – Technical Advice Here are nearly 3 years of email on the Imperial, primarily on fuel injection issues. This document is copyrighted and cannot be reproduced, except for personal use without written permission. Bob Schmitt, January 15, Subject: Wed, 20 May I suspect the hardest part is to “get your arms around” the topic. I’d like to help, but don’t know a things about the cars and don’t own but strongly suggest you try the “Frequently Asked Questions” style.

Heck, most of the posts were written as a reply to a specific question. You could start off: What is unique about the FI on the ’81 – ’83 Imperials? What are the components of the FI?

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How do you connect a tachometer to a S with a 2. The green wire is supposed to go to the negative wire of the coil , that is usually a white wire, but make sure that the tachometer documents tell you to use the negative wire it is usually the white wire. If you have a test light hook the cramp to the negative of the battery and check the two wires if the light glows that is the positive, connect the green wire to the other wire it will be the negative.

The pick up is located underneath the top plate of the shaft and has a green and white wire coming from it that plugs into the module. Remove the green and white wires from the module and touch the positive meter lead to the terminal on the green wire and the negative lead to the terminal on the white wire.

Trans Ams today are still about the same weight as mine where as the TTA weighed around which made all the difference. It’s not hp like it’s rated either. Unit , Don’t go quoting the absolute best times possible for a car and expect me to sit around and go wow By that logic, the new Mustang GT’s are also I consider it ricey to quote cars performance based on the best possible scenario.

Thats about an average time for a TTA. Just like the legendary Grand Nationals, which trapped right around the same.

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