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Tourism is essential for Egyptian prosperity post-revolution, with the industry providing jobs for 16 million Egyptians. To possibly help in boosting tourism, I decided to write a post recommending four reasons why you should visit Egypt! The exhibition attracted more than 7 million visitors around the world. In Australia it managed to break attendance records at the Melbourne Museum.

I visited the Melbourne exhibition, and it was spectacular. There was a great mix of beautiful items that managed to portray Ancient Egyptian history and culture.

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Nephthys The ancient Egyptians worshipped so many gods and goddesses that it would certainly be hard to count all of them! Some of them looked very much like humans; however others were part human and part animal, where some of them looked like crocodiles, jackals, cats, rams and even falcons. The bodies of these ancient gods were always human but their heads looked like birds and animals.

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Geb The Ancient Egyptian Gods Except for a brief period of time when Akhenaten tried to instill a monotheistic dedication to one god, Egypt was ruled by numerous gods and goddess. The ancient Egyptian religion was polytheistic, meaning the ancient Egyptians worshiped many gods there are about known gods and goddesses. The gods played important roles in the daily lives of the ancient Egyptians. There were two levels of gods: People looked to the gods for help with everything from bearing children to a safe journey in the afterlife.

There were daily rituals for caring for the gods and festivals celebrating specific gods. Some of the Most Important Egyptian Gods and Goddesses Amun was a creator god who became a national god after the pharaohs moved their capital to the city of Thebes. He was later combined with Ra, who was a sun-god, a creator god and the king of the gods. The people saw Amun-Ra as the creative power behind the existence of all life.

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For example, all washers have an electric motor. All washers have both spin and agitate cycles. And since both cycles are driven by the same electric motor, all washers have some sort of mechanism to change between the two.

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In February of , I began using Tiny Letter’s email service to send out accounts of the most preoccupying aspects of my life: I chose not to create an archive as I went along, so only those subscribed could read the most recent letter. What resulted was a meditative serial memoir in which each entry stood alone but meant more to those who’d read what came before. In the months that followed, readership grew from 70 to over The video above features longtime readers describing what the content is like.

Here’s a sample letter for further reference: What will the book be like? These 56 letters constitute over , words—a respectable amount of reading material. In other words, you can throw it into your backpack with abandon and not hesitate to carry it with you throughout your day. I want this book to have the physical features of my favorite books: It won’t be a hardback because I think hardbacks, for close reading purposes, are godawful.

I’m sorry but that’s how I feel.

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Afterlife – The place where the Ancient Egyptians believed they would go after they died. Akhet – The season of the year when the Nile river flooded. Amulet – A charm worn that the Ancient Egyptians thought had magical powers. Amun – The main god of the New Kingdom. Ankh – A symbol carried by the pharaohs and gods that meant “life”.

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Egyptian Gods and Goddesses Egyptian Symbols: Crook and Flail The Crook and the Flail is symbolic the respectable position of kingship — it signified pharaonic dominion over the land of Egypt. Both of farming origin, the crook symbolized that the pharaoh is the shepherd or the carer of the people and flail is the scourge of necessary punishment to maintain order in society.

Together, usually held in both hands crossed on the chest, they are the most prominent insignia of the royal regalia of ancient Egypt that symbolizes divine authority. They are usually seen carried by the pharaoh during state festivals. The crook otherwise known as the heka was cane with a crooked handle normally made of gold and reinforced with blue copper bands.

It is believed to have originated from the man-high staff used by shepherds known as the awet. Its earliest representation was that of king Ninetjer of the Second Dynasty carrying it. On the other hand, the flail or flabellum known as the nekhakha was rod attached with three beaded strands. Its earliest representation was that of King Den during the First Dynasty believed to waiting for the Sed festival. Despite more commonly seen used by deities, these royal insignias are a few of the symbols that the ruling pharaoh takes to his grave.

The crook and the flail were associated with several deities. It started as symbol of Geb as the original ruler of Egypt. It was inherited by Osiris when he took over the position as king.

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In December dozens of gay men felt the heel of his government’s boot during a bathhouse raid. By Thom Senzee January 21 That raid has changed everything, Mo said in a follow-up interview. But, he adds, the police weren’t interested in raiding it until a reporter from a pro-government news channel “told them she would put [the raid] on TV.

The current government crackdown on LGBT Egyptians has been amplified by hyperbolic media coverage, helping to foster an increase in antigay sentiments within society — which arguably serves el-Sisi’s need for a scapegoat community upon which to blame Egypt’s woes under his rule. But according to sources inside the country and expatriates interviewed for this article, there was a time not so long ago when to be gay or trans wasn’t as terrifying as it is today.


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