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coleman cooler

Tag along as I poke around local garage sales, yard sales and thrift shops looking for collectible treasures to re-sell. I turn my neighbor’s “junk” into big money on eBay and Craigslist. You can do it too! You might remember the story.

Vintage Coleman Steel Bolted 54 Metal Cooler SKU# H Shipping is not available for this item. PICK UP TORONTO ONLY. Whether it’s for its nostalgia factor or its practical usage, this vintage cooler from Coleman is a great means of keeping your food and drinks cold!

In-stock parts usually ship within the same business day. Call Our customer service agents are the most specialized team of representatives in the industry. Call us toll free. By repairing your own household appliances and electronics, you are giving them a second chance and saving them from the landfill. You’ll also reduce the amount of waste, power and gas it requires to manufacture and deliver new products. If not, it may be a little more difficult to find.

Just scan your Coleman for these numbers. For example, on a Coleman lantern, you can find the model number etched into the paint right below the globe. The format of their model numbers ranges from just letters to a combination of letters and numbers.


Most made after the mid s have a manufacturing date stamped on them, usually on the bottom or the bottom edge of the fount tank. To date your lantern, first make sure the fuel cap is down tight and then turn the lantern upside-down and look at the bottom of the fount. Figure 1 Bottom of Model A lantern, October The most common location and method of date stamping, used since the late s, is just off-center on the very bottom of the fount.

We have purchased a vintage green coleman 2 gal cooler, complete with box and neck band? Any idea how to tell how old it is, the postcard for warrenty needs a 5 cent stamp, and has a date .

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Antique Coca Cola Cooler & Ice Chests

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Vintage Red Cooler

Chronologically from Original Model Coleman U. The American version depicted here, dated December , has a nickel-plated fount and a painted red top. In the US, this was the forerunner to Coleman’s longest-lasting single-mantle lantern: Selling from to , this unit shipped in the millions. The final models and early As both had this same color scheme – a red ventilator top with a green-painted fount. This aesthetic led to the nickname “Christmas Lantern” given by its collectors.

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With consistent demand, Coleman introduced the updated steel ice chest. To this date, the Coleman Quart Cooler with Steel Belt remains the one of the best sellers on the list. Coleman Steel Belted Product Description A genuine art craft engineered with full steel base and lid covered with assorted colored plastic, the Coleman 54 Quart Steel Belted Cooler has 85 can loading capacity.

It is made with sturdy stainless steel handles molded with rubber grips for ease and comfort during transportation secured with a solid steel latch, rust-resistant hinges, and screws which make this Coleman Cooler undeniably strong. About Classic Coleman Coleman Steel Coolers were originally manufactured in attesting to its years in gear business.

The steel belted cooler is the American camping classic.

Vintage Coleman equipment

Figuring out which lantern you have is often no more difficult than reading the frame rest. The frame rest is that band right above the lantern’s fount and most lanterns since the s have their model designation stamped there. Dating your lantern can be a little harder. But first let’s cover the different models.

Welcome to my website. This website is an image collection of models of liquid fueled pressure lanterns, lamps, stoves, heaters, and irons. To date, November 17, , this website includes contributions of images from collections in 20 appliances in the .

Tag along as I poke around local garage sales, yard sales and thrift shops looking for collectible treasures to re-sell. I turn my neighbor’s “junk” into big money on eBay and Craigslist. You can do it too! Wednesday, May 29, Cyber stalking Coleman coolers The yard sales were slim pickings over the Memorial Day weekend. The Craigslist ad was enticing though, talking about a lifetime of treasures from a “neat-nick” mom who was moving south.

Neat-nick might be selling? I often ask myself this question and can tell you from experience With the help of Google and other Internet sources, you can sometimes identify stuff to be sold at a garage sale before ever showing up in the driveway.

Vintage Red Cooler

Please remember that we will always do our best to describe each item to the best of our knowledge and ability. All sales are final. We do not give refunds. We use a third party shipping company that will contact you to arrange payment for shipping separately from your auction invoice.

In the s, the American dream expanded to include not just a house and automobile, but coolers and ice chests, too. Insulated coolers displaying the brand names and logos of beverages became a must-have accessory for backyard barbecues and camping trips, keeping their contents cold on .

Coleman Lantern Identification and Dating If your lantern is newer that the mid s you probably won’t need to read this part. Prior to that, however, there are numerous lanterns without model ID stamped on the frame rest. Rather than building a flow-chart it will probably be easy to point you in the right direction to figure out what you have. Simply, that right direction is Terry Marsh’s Site. On to dating your lantern. Most Coleman lantern are date stamped.

Look on the very bottom of the fount for some numbers. If not there, you may find them stamped on the side of the fount. Figures 1 through 3 show the two different locations:

Vintage Coleman Cooler

The most commonly found coolers are dated back to the s and newer. However, if you are lucky enough to find an original cooler that has the Coca Cola name on it, you are going to pay a small fortune. That means that most people opt to go with a cheaper replica cooler. These coolers are desirable, even though they are not originals. They also make a great statement and impression on others. Can you imagine finding a vintage Coca Cola Cooler value and surprising your friends or relatives by having it out by the pool or in the back of your pickup truck?

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Vintage Coleman Coolers

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Coleman Pop-Up Tent If your girlfriend likes months of backpacking or just staying the night in the backyard, a Coleman tent is a great gift. This model has a rainfly at the top (perfect for stargazing), a quick second setup time, and 2 storage pockets inside.

Welcome to the International Coleman Collectors Club Dating vintage coleman coolers Pitcher pour handle; unbreakable molded liner; built in drinking cup; Royalite base- three colors: SS40 for Sunshine Products Co. Instant Lite Series No. Thanks for the link. Choice of three finishes: Camp Stoves — Propane No.

Coleman 54 Quart Steel Belted Cooler Review